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BiCool are UK-wide contractors specialising in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and building maintenance

  • Climate Change – Ensuring all refrigerant is handled with the up most care

  • Energy & Carbon emissions – A sustainable solution

  • Air Quality – Adaptation of buildings to climate change

We pride ourselves on finding the most practical and efficient way to deliver an outstanding solution. By working closely with our customers, consultants, supply chain partners and architects, we deliver projects on time and on budget.

Comprehensive Solution

Together with influential and knowledgeable experts who understand the needs of our customers, we can deliver highly complex systems in operational and constrained environments.

  • Focus on organic and sustained growth

  • Create optimal environments for people to live, work and relax

  • Provision of comprehensive air-conditioning and energy solutions

We ensure we’re delivering a high-quality service throughout every stage of your project.


Installation, service & maintenance of commercial refrigeration

Air Conditioning

Design, supply and installation of air conditioning tailor-made to your needs.


Intelligent air control systems to optimise indoor climates

Air Source

We take the heat from the air outside and use it to heat your property

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High-quality service throughout every stage of your project.