Commercial Kitchen Air Conditioning.

Commercial Kitchen Air Conditioning

Can we have Air Conditioning in our kitchen?

This is a question that pops up when chef’s call us out because their refrigeration is not pulling down to temperature. The average ambient temperature of a commercial kitchen is around 40-45 degrees in the summer months and whilst the kitchen staff maybe used to working in that environment unfortunately fridges and freezers don’t perform to their optimum.

Annual maintenance of commercial refrigeration is key to longevity; this goes some way to ensuring your refrigeration is performing well when the elusive British summertime hits.

So, in short to answer the question about having Air conditioning installed in a commercial kitchen is yes! It’s a high kW heavy duty system that is designed to perform at high oppressive temperatures and is easy to clean down to avoid grease build up from the air.

The Mitsubishi Electric stainless steel ceiling mounted that’s seen here in the picture offers high seasonal efficiency, advanced control and quiet operation. They are ideal for use in kitchen environments as the external casing is made of durable stainless steel that is resistant to smoke and Grease.

Let us know if you are in a similar situation with your commercial kitchen, We would love to be involved.