Working From Home?

Garden offices are a prime example of how life may be now… the “new normal”

We have found an huge increase in installations of garden office air conditioning. For many people the realisation that air conditioning is the perfect solution due to its versatility and ability to provide heating and cooling all in one cost effective package.

  • Energy efficiency – A rated – 13 amp

  • Filtration – Unique NEO plasma air purifying system

  • Undestruptive Installation– Under 3 hour installation

There is no “one size fits all” unit.

You would be surprised to know how many incorrectly sized unit are fitted, leading the home owner to be disappointed that they are not feeling the level of cooling or heating they need.

We visit the space in need of cooling/heating to gain accurate measurements on what kW size you will need. The actual dimentions of the appliance is pretty much the same size regardless of the space it will need to cool/heat.

Garden Office Solihull Air Conditioning
Garden office air conditioning

Affordable Solution

With fully installed prices starting form £999 home air conditioning is an affordable – Noninvasive solution.

As with anything, the duty (size) of the unit needed dictates the price. If you have a very large area that needs cooling/heating then you would need a higher duty system. All of which would be clearly explained by the visiting engineer. We do not employ any sales men. The chances are, the engineer that visits your property will be the same person who goes back to install it.

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