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As many of us are now needing or choosing to work from home, creating that functioning space can prove taxing.

Like a lot of people, the laptop on the kitchen table could have been a novelty initially. However as the week’s and months have ticked by we’re starting to think that we need a permanent solution.

Whether you’re converting the box room, planning an extension or knocking the shed down to make-way for an external garden office have you thought about what we would call “domestic” air conditioning? If you are looking for efficient heating, many people are now turning to home or domestic air conditioning units because they transfer heat rather than “create” heat.

Because air conditioning provides many health benefits, there’s no time like the present to treat your home to clean air. It’s always better to prepare well in advance. If your reason for investing in an air conditioning system is to heat or cool a new area or simply keep your home cool in the summer months, then a good time to invest would be in the springtime – We’re all guilty of complaining about the heat and dashing of to the local hardware store to full the house with fans that only circulate the heat.

We are able to offer a wide selection of Air Conditioning units, many of which you would recognise as household brands such as Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. If you are embarking on a renovation project then concealed air conditioning could be perfect for you; its when all you see is a grille or a flow bar on your wall or ceiling. For the majority of homeowners a wall mounted unit is perfect, this is when you chose a unit that you like the look of (not all air conditioning units look the same) and we install it in a location of your choosing.